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Luxury Resorts Palm Springs

Luxury Resorts Palm SpringsThere are really a lot of luxury resorts in the Palm Springs area that snow birds can visit over the winter, the fall and the spring. They range from exquisitely private hotels and motels to the mega golf resorts that dominate the area. Did you know that there are 115 golf resorts in the area, many that are public and cater to the snow birds that come to the Palm Springs area every year. Many of these resorts are behind gated communities with homes and condos that back onto the golf course. These places are spectacular and you may need to be invited before you can play at some of these courses.

Luxury Resorts Palm Springs

Palm Springs has a great deal to offer the snowbird regardless of whether you golf or not.  There are of course the luxury resorts in the Palm Springs area with fantastic pools and tropical surroundings. These luxury resorts in  Palm Springs will cater to all of your needs with happy hour bars and fantastic restaurants that will cater to your every taste.

With so much to do in the Palm Springs area, it is a wonder that the luxury resorts in  Palm Springs are able to do a lot of business. Many people will opt for lower cost motels and hotels leaving valuable funds available for many other activities.

List of things to do in Palm Springs

here is a broad list of things to do in the area, some which will cost money while others are entirely free.

  • Golf at one of the 115 courses in the area
  • Play at one of the 10 or more casinos in the area
  • Dine at one of the hundreds of restaurants in the Palm Springs and surrounding area
  • Hike on one of the many hiking trails
  • Go biking around the area on the bike trails that dominate the area
  • Visit one of the many happy hours that are available
  • Swim in the pool at one of the  luxury resorts in  Palm Springs
  • Play tennis at one of the luxury resorts in  Palm Springs
  • Shopping at El Paseo
  • Shopping at the Cabazon outlet malls
  • and more and more

If you have not caught the message by now, we really endorse the Palm Springs area because there is so much to do in the area, the weather is fantastic and we love the outdoor desert environment.

Great Place for Snow Birds

If you do not really believe this post or perhaps you think that is is just blatant adverting for the Palm Springs area, think again. We are snowbirds and really love the area and plan to spend a lot of time here as we enjoy the overall environment. In fact, we would prefer that people stay away from the area so that it does not get really crowded. it is not crowded at the moment, although business is picking up.

Check out Palm Springs and some of the other desert communities in the area and come here for a week or even a month to get to know the area and all that it has to offer as well as the luxury resorts in  Palm Springs.

For a list of more things to do in the Palm Springs area, click here.




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  1. We go to Palm Springs every year and really enjoy the area and the weather. We stay at a luxury resort condo with three pools and underground parking plus tennis courts right down town. absolutely the best

  2. we are heading to Palm springs in January and really looking forward to it.cannot wait to get away from this cold weather and dreary skies.

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