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Why I Cannot Lose Weight

Why I Cannot Lose WeightWe have all been there, why I cannot lose weight? We try to lose weight. Go to the gym but somehow we just cannot remove the pounds and lose weight. We wonder what is going wrong and are thinking about giving up as far as losing weight is concerned.  Well there is a reason many people fail to reach their goals even if they do go to the gym. There are a number of reasons and most of us just have to realize that we need to focus on really doing what is needed to lose weight. If you recognize yourself in any of the following descriptions, then this could be the reason you are not losing any weight or at least not achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Why I Cannot Lose Weight?

Going to the gym couple of times a week, but hit the wall before we even break a sweat. If this is you, then you have to realize that you need to push through this wall and really burn some calories. Doing a lackluster exercise routine is not going to help lose weight.

Doing the Same Thing every day or every couple of days will train the body to adjust to that routine. Varying your exercise routine will train different muscles and will challenge your body to respond. Complete cardio training one day and do muscle training the next and focus on different groups of muscles. Each time make sure that your break into a sweat.

Not Pushing Yourself is one of the best ways not to lose weight. Find a partner or someone to compete with. Set objectives for yourself that are increasingly more difficult.  Before you know it the exercise you did when you started will seem like a breeze.

Couch Potato the Rest of the Day – being a couch potato after your exercise with the corresponding snacks that usually go with it will not only ensure that you do not lose weight, you actually could gain more weight. Be active all day long to sustain your loss of weight.

Over Eating is another way to ensure that you gain weight. Use smaller plates which cause you to consume smaller portions. Eat slowly so that your stomach has time to fill up and tell your brain that you are full.

Waste Time at the Gym – is another great way to avoid exercise and not lose weight. Look around you at the gym. How many people actually are working out vs. socializing?

Recovering from a Work Out – allow your body time to recover from a strenuous workout. The muscles you pushed need time to heal, so work one set one day and another set the following day.

Know Your Target Heart Rate – your target heart rate is based on your age and your current weight along with activity level. work this rate so that you can gradually do more at the same heart rate.

Balanced Routine – means varying the routine from one day to the next, working different muscle groups every day. Set the routine and cycle back every few days so that muscles are aging put to work after healing from the last workout.

Have Fun While Working Out – if you are having fun, there is an increase chance you will continue exercising. It will not be boring and you will enjoy your time at the gym, playing sports or whatever it is that is fun.

Hopefully this will help you answer the question, Why I Cannot Lose Weight. For more information about losing weight, click here.



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