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Lack of sleep leads to obesity, heart problems

Lack of sleepA recent publication quoted Dr. Elliott Lee, a sleep specialist based at Ottawa’s Royal Mental Health Centre, who said research indicates people who sleep fewer than six hours a day function like individuals who have have a blood alcohol level of 0.05.

“People don’t realize how impaired they are when they are sleep deprived,” he said. This is not over the current legal limit for impairment where they take you car away from you at the road side stop, Many people are driving around as if they have been drinking in the morning or even all day. There are other problems as well that lack of sleep cause.

Lack of sleep – Obesity

When you are tired all of the time, your energy levels are low. Consumers will try to compensate by eating something. They tend to consumer higher sugar based foods. Which does provide an immediate boost, but then leaves you shortly later. Many people will overeat in this manner to try and get some energy to help them get through the day. If this becomes chronic, many consumers can gain a lot of weight which really just makes the problem worse.

Overweight due to Lack of sleep leads to other health problems such as sleep apnea which leads to even less sleep, diabetes, joint problems and so on. If you are not sleeping and tending to gaining weight, you may want to be assessed for sleep apnea and other health related issues.

Lack of sleep – Heart Problems

Some consumers will consume the so called energy drinks. Your heart may be weak to start with. You may be over weight. Your arteries may be clogged and you already have serious issues. As a result consuming energy drinks could push your heart over it’s limit causing a heart attack. Lack of sleep can lead to many different issues.

Heart problems are serious. We only have one and if it gets into trouble, then your life could be at stake. If you are not sleeping, gaining weight, having heart problems it is time to visit your doctor and be assessed to see what can be done about your sleeping issues.

For more information about sleep issues and how to sleep better, click here.


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