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Puerto Vallarta Luxury Hotels

There are Puerto Vallarta luxury hotels for tourists to stay at while in the city, however, these are not in the same class as you might find in other North American cities. They are nice and probably would rank a  4 out of 6 if you were comparing other properties. All of the amenities are there, including pools and beaches with great restaurants. They are just not in the same class as other locations in terms of maintenance and quality.

No Puerto Vallarta Luxury Hotels

There are luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta as well as along the coast in both directions, in the marina area, in Nuevo Vallarta, and in several other small towns along the coast. You go to Puerto Vallarta for the weather, for the inexpensive food and drinks, and for the culture. There are many places to visit and explore. The people are friendly and will help if you get lost. Just do not expect the same level of luxury that you might find in other cities in North America, after all, it is a seaside town in Mexico.

Weather in Puerto Vallarta

Weather in the summer and late fall can be very muggy and humid with lots of rain. From December on, the weather is usually hot and dry, although some years there will be a small amount of rain and humidity in the winter months. Temperatures are in the high 80’s from January to April. This is a great place to spend a vacation whether you are in a luxury hotel or in a condo.

Book early for these Puerto Vallarta luxury hotels since tourists often book for the next year before they leave.  Book a hotel on the beach so that you can stroll along the beach. If you want to be able to walk the beach to the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, book hotels that are south of the marina, otherwise you have a long walk along the highway to get around the marina.

We suggest that you take a bus or car to get where you are going. The buses are very good in terms of regularity and cost, however, they are pretty basic compared to other North American Cities in Canada and the US.

For much more information about Puerto Vallarta, click here.

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  1. we used to own a condo in Puerto Vallarta. We really enjoyed our time in the city and would go back there again for a vacation. they have a lot of really nice places to stay at.

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