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Ontario Election – Another Liberal Government

It is increasingly looking like it will be another Liberal government after theĀ Ontario Election. Many people just cannot believe this is going to happen. It is not because they like the current incumbent, McGuinty! The majority of people know he lies and will do and say whatever he needs to in order to stay in power. The problem is that the competition from the conservatives is just not enough to convince voters they should vote conservative. What a shame! We are updating this post several years later. Although McGuinty has resigned amid shame and controversy, it looks like the liberals are still going to be voted in again . What is wrong with Ontario?

Post Ontario Election

And what a squandered opportunity. After the election is over and we have the final results , chances are that the conservatives will sit back and assess the situation. They need to decide if they should have been harder hitting with their policy and their positions. But it will be too late by that time. In fact 3 days before voting day it is already to late. Barring some major mistake by either party, it is pretty much a done deal as far as the pollsters are concerned.

We really need to have someone in power who is going to control the spending etc.. It looks like it is not going to happen this time around. Hudak either does not have the experience. He is not capable of making the big decisions and taking on the street fighting liberals.

As you can probably tell this writer is pretty much a staunch conservative. However we are disappointed in the parties ability to lead and to take advantage of all of the mistakes and blunders that the liberals have made. In the tough world of politics, if you cannot even take advantage of your opponent for the lies he has told, then maybe you should not be elected either.

Like we said it is a shame to squander this opportunity. But it is already too late to do anything about it now with three days to go to voting day in Ontario. Do you feel the same we do? Let us know by leaving comments about your thoughts about the Ontario Election results.

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