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Azul Patio Restaurant, Palm Springs

We dropped into the patio at the Azul Patio restaurant located at 369 N. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs the other day. We had seen an advertisement for this patio were they advertised their happy hour and the outdoor patio experience. When we arrived there were lots of people on the patio. So we thought this would be a good place to spend some time, enjoy the sun. We wanted to enjoy a few drinks along with some appetizers.

The Azul Patio Restaurant is unique in Palm Springs as are many of the restaurants. There is a central bar area were you can sit and meet other patrons around the bar. You can talk to the bar tender and enjoy the surroundings. We like to do this at most places we go since you have a chance to talk to people. As a result you get to know the place you are in a little better. On one side of the bar next to the street, are swings with tables that will seat four people. This is kind of neat. As a result it obviously popular since all of them were occupied when we arrived.

Azul Patio Restaurant

On the other side of the bar are traditional tables. Some are high up with stools , while the others are regular tables. They also have awnings that slide forward to protect you from the noon day sun. They slide back for the evening. On cool nights there are heaters to keep you warm.

We found out that happy hour started at 4 pm and lasted until 6:30. Most drinks were either half price or $2 off the regular price. Once thing that did not appeal to us was that there were no prices on the happy hour menu for drinks although you could find them in a different part of the menu.

We found that the bar tender was decidedly unfriendly, not only to us but to pretty much everyone. Maybe he was having a bad day and he was really busy, however he never smiled and was pretty focused all of the time. We are used to bar tenders knowing that part of their job is to not only serve drinks, but to also spend some time socializing with the guests, even if it is only a few comments here and there.

Our Order

We decided to order a draft beer and a glass of wine. The Pinot Grigio, my wife ordered was not part of the happy hour, so we had to pay full price for this drink. Beer was $2.75, a pretty good price.

We also ordered Natcho’s and humus for $3.00. When it arrived we were surprised. There was a small container of humus about the size you would get if you ordered catchup on the side at some restaurants. There were about 7 large tortilla chips. Needless to say were surprised and disappointed in this order being so skimpy. I guess we are used to most American restaurants providing large orders of food even if it is part of happy hour.

Although the patio was full, and seemed to be enjoyed by a lot of people, we would not really recommend this place. There are many other restaurants and patios that are more fun and have better appetizers than the Azul restaurant patio in Palm Springs.

If you have comments or have spent some time at this restaurant, please fell free to leave your comments as well. Maybe you had a different experience than us and really like this particular restaurant. Spam comments will be auto deleted.

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