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Sleep Apnea DevicesTraveling with a CPAP machine is actually quite straight forward. Sure there is an extra bag to carry and you need to bring another bottle of distilled water along, however for the writer it is really worth it to get a good night’s sleep.  The bag that I have is a handy carrying case with a shoulder strap and it is smaller than a carry on suitcase. When we go into a hotel, it sits on top of my roller suitcase and really does not take any more effort.

Flying presents another problem these days. You cannot take a large bottle of liquid on the plane with you. If you check it in your suitcase there is always the danger of it leaking all over your clothes. Sure it is water, but who needs the mess and the cleanup after words. We always make sure that we know of a place where we are going that sells distilled water which we can pick up easily to use in the CPAP machine when we travel.

There are different bags for different machines. They all have room for the mask, the hoses and of course the CPAP machine when you travel. Some are like a small over night travel bag, while others are similar to a small computer lap top bag. Either way they are easy to carry and the entire unit weighs less than the standard laptop bag with all of your computer gear in it.

Why Travel With Your CPAP Travel Machine

Frankly I want to enjoy my vacation of be alert for my business trip. I would rather get a good night’s sleep than be without it so that I can enjoy my vacation etc. Who wants to be exhausted all of the time on vacation when you suffer from sleep apnea?  Even after one night sometimes of not using the machine can leave you tired and exhausted from not getting a good night’s rest. Personally when I was tested at a sleep clinic, I had a sleep interruption on average 39 times per hour. Who can sleep like that? This is why I travel with my CPAP and why you should as well if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

I know it sounds unbelievable and I was shocked when I was told this by the sleep technician, however after the doctor told me the results and showed me the report, I had to believe him. I did not come totally awake all of the time, however it was enough for them to detect that I was partially awake each time. Amazing, 39 time per hour and I still managed to function during the day. With the CPAP machine, I now feel much more rested and have a lot more energy.

Some Suggestions When You Travel with a CPAP Machine

Take an extra extension chord of about 10 feet long. Hotels are notorious for not having electrical plugs close to the bed were you can plug things in. I have had to use the extension chord several times. It is easily stored in the bottom of your bag and it saves a lot of frustration as well. I have had to use it about half the time. The plugs that are accessible are usually used by the light and radio / alarm clock which you obviously need. So take the extension chord with you. Use your CPAP machine without having to unplug things.

Another suggestion if you are only going for a couple of days is to take a small bottle of distilled water. It will be good for at least the first night or the second night. It must be small enough to satisfy the airlines in terms of security. This will get you through the first night. It will give you time the next day to go and purchase a bottle of distilled water. They are available at most drug stores.

International Travel

If you plan to travel to international destinations, it is a good idea to also pack an electrical adapter. It should match the outlets  that are used in the foreign country. There are many types. Some adapters have multiple plugs built in to adapt to almost any situation.

Finally if you are planning to go on a long trip such as a winter vacation and spend 2 to 3 months in warmer climates, you may want to take extra hoses and masks along with you depending on how old yours are. I am told they tend to last an average of six months. So you can determine what is best for you in this regard. You can also check to see if there is a place near were you will be to purchase supplies close to you.

Good luck with your CPAP travel planning. For more information about CPAP travel topics, click here.


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