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Johnny Carson’s home

20130217-165418.jpgThis was where Johnny Carson’s home was when he was in Palm Springs. Cannot see much , he was a very private man even though he was the king of late night TV! His home reflected this privacy. Even if your on a bike or in a bus you can still not see over those hedges.

The entrance door was also opaque to avoid anyone looking through and catching a glimpse of the famous late night show host. I used to think that these shows were taped late at night as well. We went to a Jay Leno show which was taped at 5pm Pacific coast time.  I realized that by the time we saw it on the east coast it was already 11 pm.

Johnny Carson’s home

The neighborhood is very private with quiet streets. Almost all of the homes have private walls with lots of shrubs to provide everyone living there with privacy. There is not much traffic in this area other than local traffic and people like ourselves wandering around looking at the movie star homes.

These homes are all over the million dollar range, so if you want one of these homes, be prepared to spend lots of money. For more information about other Palm Springs homes and Palm Springs in general, click here.


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