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Hiking in San Jacinto Mountains

Hiking in San Jacinto MountainsThere are is great Hiking in San Jacinto Mountains. There are 54 miles of hiking trails at the top of the tram in Palm Springs. Which is located in the San Jacinto mountains. The highest mountain is over 10,000 feet in elevation in this area. Hikers can observe stunning views of the mountains and valleys just minutes away from the desert valley.

There can be a twenty degree drop in temperature from the valley floor during a trip up the tram in the summer time. It can provide a welcome relief to the searing temperatures in the valley. In addition it provides a healthy alternative as well. All of the trails are well groomed and marked for most trails.

Hiking in San Jacinto Mountains

Hikers should remember to always tell someone where they are going. Always bring extra clothes and especially lots of water with you. Especially in dry conditions hikers can become dehydrated very easily. It actually can get quite cool at night if you happened to be stranded over night int he forest.

This area is truly a hikers paradise. Thousands of people go up the tram every week to take advantage of the scenery, the solitude and the healthy mountain air. There are over 54 miles of trails that take you into the back country and wilderness areas. Several people are rescued every year because they got lost. In addition they also were not well equipped with water, food and warm clothing to deal with night time temperatures.

If you plan to hike in these areas take the time to be well prepared. Make sure you have the above mentioned item as well as a compass and a light warm blanket. It can be quite surprising to find out that you are suddenly lost with no idea of how to get back to the trail head. If no one knows that you have gone hiking they will not be looking for you. In addition always tell someone where you are going and when you will be expected to return.


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