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Is There a Market for Electric Cars

Market for Electric CarsWe think there is a market for electric cars and so does Tesla who sells a high-end electric vehicle, the Model S. Their success has identified the emerging market problem of recharge stations. Now all of the car manufacturers are getting on board announcing new electric car models.  They will solve the battery problem but in the meantime? What do you do when your batteries run down?

Toyota solved this problem with the hybrid Prius model. Tessa’s all-electric runs a good distance and can be driving a high-end car recharged in an hour at a supercharge station. There are not enough of them and the locations are not great. If you are going to hang around somewhere for an hour it should’ve someplace pleasant to spend time at.

The market for Electric Cars – Charging

Regular charging stations take a lot longer to get a full charge, which in today’s immediate response society is a problem even if you are driving a high-end car.

We believe electric cars will penetrate the market, but we need to have a huge infrastructure built to meet the needs of the total electric vehicle. This infrastructure for electric cars must include quick-change battery bays, quick-charging stations.

There Must also be many charging stations even if they are only 110 volts and not the high speed charging stations equipped with 220-volt connections.  The market for electric cars will develop also when the price of gasoline returns to the high levels it was a few years ago.

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  1. It will be a long time before electric cars are mainstream

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