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Hiking to Murray Peak Palm Springs

The view from Marie Peak is spectacular. As shown in this panoramic view of the Coachella Valley played out for us. I took this picture with my iPhone 5. It is a 270 degree panoramic view from the top of Murray Peak in Palm Springs.

Murray Peak Murray Peak is located in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs. It is approximately 2100 feet high with a 1500 foot elevation climb from the trail head. Although a 2100 feet elevation does not seem like much,  it certainly is when you are hiking up to the top of the peak.

Time to the Top of Murray Peak

This particular hike takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to reach the top and almost 2 hours to do sand. The hiking is very gradual in places while challenging in others.

Murray Peak There are lots of switchbacks to traverse while you’re climbing up the mountain although in some areas it can be a very gentle rise. There are five picnic tables at the top of the peak where you can enjoy your lunch, snack or just relax. There’s also cell phone service at this location. There are two trail heads that lead to the top of Murray peak. One can be found at Von’s along Highway 111 and the other from the South Indian Palm Canyon area.

Take lots of water, and something to eat as this hike will take you approximately five hours to reach Murray Peak and return round-trip. Wear lots of sun tan lotion and cover your head. The sun can get pretty intense and you really need to make sure that you are prepared for this hike.

Wear very good hiking shoes as well and carry a hiking stick with you. It helps with balance and provides protection from any animals that you may encounter. Note that the writer has hiked to the top of Murray Peak several times and we have never seen any animals  while on our hike.

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