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Posting calories on the menu in California

Posting calories on the menuOne of the best things about restaurants in California is that they post the number of calories against each menu item. This information may not stop you from ordering a particular item, but it sure makes you think about it before you do. If the average person needs 2000 calories a day and the item you are ordering is 500 or 800 calories, you might just begin to rethink your order.  It can be complex to keep track of all of the calories, however, if you focus on the big items and reduce your calories accordingly, it may help control your weight. At least this is what your government is hoping will happen. Posting calories on the menu in California is here to stay and spreading to other cities.

Posting calories on the menu – Eating Less

For those of us that pay attention to this sort of thing, it means you can control how many calories you eat when eating out!

The biggest challenge for people is knowing how many calories are hidden in these meals with the sauces and additives that are always part of the meal. Many restaurants will show a range of calories. This is designed to give you a feel for the sauces that you may or may not add and how many calories they contain.

If you are calorie counting this is another tool to help you while eating out while in California! It is surprising just how many calories are in the sauces and the added items on whatever meal that you order. Many people will just go ahead and consume these sauces without thinking about actually how many calories that you eat.

As a general rule when you see a range of calories on any menu, you can be sure that any sauce, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc are the items that are going to be in that range of calories. Fast food restaurants who are Posting calories on the menu in California are sometimes the worst. They automatically add all of the above items unless you tell them not to. It becomes a special order if you want to hold the ketchup and mayo! This is a great way to manage the total calories that you contain.

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