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Cant Get Enough Sleep

Cant Get Enough SleepMillions of Americans and Canadians do not get enough sleep every night. There are various reasons for this problem. They range from too much stimulation before hitting the sack, to chronic problems with coffee, food, sleep apnea, and many more. Lack of sleep can lead to many other associated problems. These include poor concentration at work, at home, even when driving the car or operating other machinery. Finding out what is keeping you awake and causing you to not get enough sleep is a process of elimination.

Cant Get Enough Sleep

Watching TV Can Keep You Awake

Watching an exciting movie or TV show can be enough to keep many people awake well into the night and then that alarm bell goes off telling you that it is time to get up for work. If you feel that this may be a problem for you, then try to either not watch TV at all of watch something that is truly boring which will help you drift off to sleep. Avoid watching TV in bed and if you are awake during the night, avoid watching TV during the night, it will just keep you up longer.

The same thing applies to books that you might be reading. An exciting thriller can keep someone who has a good imagination up for hours as they recall what they just read. The same thing applies for reading in the middle of the night should you wake up. If you must read, select the most boring subject you can find. This is one of the best ways to cause just about anyone to fall asleep.

Too Much Coffee

Drinking too much coffee, particularly before you go to bed or late in the afternoon will keep some people awake for hours. This applies to caffeinated soft drinks as well which have a great deal of caffeine in them. If you are having trouble sleeping and cannot get enough sleep, cut down on the caffeine in the evening and eliminate coffee and caffeine all together from your diet.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Sticking to a schedule can also train your body to expect to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time every day. Try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time every day, even on the weekends to keep your system on a schedule. It may take a few weeks to get on a schedule if you are not there now, but be patient and stick to your plan. Once you are on the schedule, stay with it, you will sleep more as a result.

Health Related Issues

There are many health related issues that can cause people to not get enough sleep. If you suspect that it is a health related issue that is causing you not to get enough sleep, see your doctor. Check the situation out. For example, sleep apnea can cause people to lack sleep. It can cause very dangerous issues to occur such as strokes and heart attacks. Operating equipment while you are extremely tired can be dangerous to you and people around you.

If you cannot get enough sleep follow up in the issue and take some action. Your life will be much more enjoyable as a result. For more information about sleep issues, click here.



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