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Health benefits of sleep

Health benefits of sleepThe writer just slept for nine hours and seven minutes and he feels fantastic! The day before well actually the night before he only slept for five hours and 24 minutes. This is not a very good sleep at all. During the day he was a bit draggy due to lack of sleep, unable to focus and certainly unable to work in an effective manner. This was an example of the direct health benefits of sleep or not enough of it. The impacts of not getting enough sleep can be far more serious and should get everyone’s attention.

You might wonder how I know all of this and the answer is that I wear what it’s called a jawbone bracelet. It records my sleep patterns throughout the night as well’s the number of steps I take during the day. Consumers should sleep for an average of eight hours per day and walk about 10,000 steps per day to maintain a reasonable quality of life and health. But we will focus on those aspects in another post at some later time. If you are interested in the Jawbone, look it up. I have been wearing it for several months now and although it has not changed my life significantly, I am more focused on getting enough sleep and how much walking I do every day.

Health Benefits of Sleep

This post is focusing on the benefits of sleep and how one feels after getting a great nights sleep. Pretty much we all know that if you get enough sleep you will be able to function better, have better cognitive thinking, and be more attentive operating machinery which means less accidents and damages overall.

The benefits of getting enough sleep include:

  • Feeling more rested and comfortable
  • Being more alert when operating machinery and in general
  • Better health overall
  • Being able to enjoy your day and have fun
  • Having fewer arguments with your family
  • Reduced friction between colleagues and even customers

These are just a few of the benefits of getting enough sleep and the negatives associated with each of these benefits can be critical to your well being and overall safety. One friend of mine was falling asleep often while driving his car which is a very dangerous thing to do. He clearly was not getting enough sleep and has since cured his problem. Turns out that he has sleep apnea and now uses a CPAP machine which ensures that he sleeps well every night. He no longer falls asleep driving the car or at work!

For more information about getting sufficient sleep and leading a healthier lifestyle, click here.


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