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Hampton Inn Cookeville Tennessee

Hampton inn Winchester VirginiaWe are staying at a Hampton Inn Cookeville Tennessee. It is just off interstate 40 along restaurant Row or at least what they call the street that this hotel is located on.

There has been a hotel on the site for many years, however it has recently been totally renovated and has just reopened in the last four months. Everything is modern, clean and very classy. We would strongly recommend that this is one of the better hotels to stay at in the Hampton Inn chain.

The location is perfect for those people who are traveling across the country on interstate 40 between Nashville and Knoxville. It is located on a road with many chains of restaurants including Logans which is a Texas style roadhouse.

We just came back from there having had extremely delicious inexpensive meal of ribs, Steak, baked potato and Caesar salad for less than $35. This also included two large draft beers each, what a fantastic deal.

Hampton Inn Cookeville Tennessee – Breakfast

The Hampton Inn Cookeville Tennessee has a large dining area for breakfast in the morning. It can accommodate easily up to 40 or 50 people and they provide a hot breakfast along with cereal, fruit and yogurt. For the price which is just above $100 if you qualify as a senior or have a AAA card is excellent value.

The hotel has installed what they call an evolve system. On entering your room you will find a card reading device by your light switch. All you have to do is simply insert one of your room key cards and leave it in the device while you’re in the room. When the key card is removed, their system returns to energy-saving mode, and the room lights and TV lose power. This is a great energy saving device for hotels and even your home.

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