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Diabetes and losing weight

Diabetes and losing weightA friend of ours who’s about 5’6″ tall weighs about 200 pounds. He recently informed us that he had pre diabetes. In other words when he measured his blood it was indicating that he was on the borderline of being diagnosed as having diabetes and would have to take or start to take medication unless he did something about it. Diabetes and losing weight are directly linked.

His reaction was to go on a diet. He did not want to take medication of any kind and also felt that he was overweight. He had been going to the gym. But had given that up about six months ago. Then he found out that as he gained more weight he was becoming closer and closer to being a diabetic.

He decided to go on a diet and basically cut all carbs. He does not eat bread, he does not eat buns. In addition he avoids rice and potatoes and focuses on eating chicken and vegetables and fruit. He has to watch how much fruit he eats because that will generate a lot of sugar in his blood. But by reducing the carbs and focusing on eating a lot of protein he has lost over 22 pounds in the last three months.

Diabetes and losing weight

Not only does he look thinner, he’s able to wear clothes that he hasn’t worn for over two years. The best part is that his blood sugar level has dropped from around 12 to below six. This is a fantastic achievement for him in controlling his blood sugar and also getting his weight under control. He wants to lose another 10 pounds and will continue doing so by following this diet. By the way he has not yet gone back to the gym, although he plans to do so to build up his strength.

We Decided to write this post in an effort to help other people who may be struggling with pre-diabetes, being overweight and trying to focus on controlling their diet. It takes a bit of discipline but if you cut out the carbs, you can almost be sure to lose weight provided that you control how much sugar you take from other sources such as fruit.

For more information about diabetes and losing weight along with exercise, click here.



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