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Grapevine Canyon Nevada

Grapevine Canyon NevadaGrape Vine canyon in southern Nevada is a really great place to go hiking and enjoy the scenery of the desert. This particular canyon is located not far from Laughlin Nevada. It is just off route 163 leading to route 95 and Las Vegas. The turn off is about half way up the mountain on your right as you head up the mountain from Laughlin, Nevada.

The road is a dirt road and there are signs leading to the parking lot for the Grapevine Canyon Trail head.  You can continue on further on the dirt road to Christmas tree peak, however it is really not for cars. SUV’s and jeeps are better suited for this terrain. It is just a bit too rough for a normal car with a lower suspension compared to an SUV or a jeep.

Grapevine Canyon Nevada

The hike is a nice easy hike and there is some shade, but not a lot. Take lot’s of water with you and make sure that you have applied sunscreen as well. Since you can easily burn in the hot sunny blue skies of southern Nevada. We spent about half a day enjoying this hike. It is suitable for most casual hikers  who want to get out in the desert. But not too strenuous. We enjoyed our day very much before heading back to Laughlin and the Aquarius casino hotel were we were staying.

Anyone going for a hike in the desert should always take lots of water with them. they should also wear a hat to protect them from the sun. Of course sun screen should be applied liberally. Wear proper clothes and hiking boots. Every year some people get into trouble by not being properly  prepared to hike in the desert. They need to be rescued due to dehydration or getting lost in the desert.

Always tell someone where you are going whether it is to Grapevine canyon Nevada or somewhere else. Let them know when you will return so that if needed rescue efforts can be expedited to the right location.


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