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Village Pub Palm Springs

Village Pub Palm SpringsAt the Village Pub Palm Springs, the beer is cheap during happy hour, $2.00 for draft beer all day long, except after 7pm on most nights when it gets busy unless you go upstairs to the bar. The atmosphere is also ok with subdued lights, fire pits and heaters to keep you warm outdoors on cool evenings. Yes, it can get quite cool in the desert.

You may need to actually dress warmer in the winter time. This location has existed in Palm Springs for many years and always seems to be busy with people dropping in all the time for a beer and something to eat. It is located at the extreme south end of the downtown core of Palm Springs. In fact it is the last major pub on the street and I guess that is why it has to compete a little harder for customers, but the deals are well worth it.

Village Pub Palm Springs – Menu Items

Some items are ok, but then again it depends on the chef that evening. The nacho’s are not good at all and are priced way too high at $8.00. Little cheese, few jalapenos and not many olives. Stay away from this item on the menu!

The Atmosphere is pretty good, with heaters to keep you warm if you are sitting outside on their open air patio. The service is not bad either, about what you might expect for a pub. It gets pretty busy around happy hour, so if you want a table outside, you will have to get there early!


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