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Gas Price Comparison

Gas Price ComparisonThere are lots of tools available on the web to help you do gas price comparison. They are available  in virtually every city across North America. We all need help these days with the price of gasoline going up so much.

One tool I use is called “Gas Buddy” which will show you the latest gas prices. It will tell you what gasoline is being sold for in the area nearest you. They rely on local people inputting to the web site to keep the prices up to date. They provide an excellent service to the public.

Gas Price Comparison

When you compare prices in this manner it quickly becomes clear that the prices really do not vary that much. You may find that the price will vary by a few cents per gallon or liter depending on were you live. The government has never been able to prove price fixing for the price of gasoline. But it is pretty obvious when the price of gas is virtually the same just about every were.

The only difference seems to be from the difference in taxes when you go from one state to the next. Some service stations will price their gas a little higher if there is no local competition. They claim shipping costs, but it is really because they can get away with it.

How Much Do You Really Save

Right now as I write this post, I am using gas buddy to get a Gas Price Comparison of service stations in the area. The least expensive is Shell at $4.09 a US gallon, while the most expensive is $4.51 a gallon at another station also run by Shell. This amounts to 40 cents per gallon. Given that my car will take 16 gallons to fill it when it is on empty running on fumes, the savings would be between these two stations $6.40, which is a substantial amount.

Most stations are in the $4.31 range, so they split the difference approximately. There is definitely a reason to comparison shop. We hope that the prices are up to date and not that a reader has not gotten around to updating the price on “Gas Buddy”.

We have a small mid size car. While many people drive SUV’s and larger cars with corresponding larger gas tanks. These people will definitely save a lot more gas if they have to do a fill up.

Gas Price Comparison Across State Lines

If you are lucky enough to live near a state line, you can sometimes get your gasoline much cheaper by crossing over the state line and buying your gasoline just over the border.

For example, Bullhead city is in the state of Arizona and just across the Colorado River from Laughlin which is in Nevada. The least expensive price for gasoline is $3.67 in Bullhead, while less than a mile away just across the river, gas is priced at $3.99 a 30 cent difference just for crossing over the river.

It definitely is worth while to check on gas prices over the state line in this particular case.

We wanted to write this post on Gas Price Comparison, because the price of gas is going up so much and we all need all of the help we can get to find the best price on gas in addition to driving in a manner that conserves gas. Your comments are welcome on Gas Price Comparison and anyway we can save on gas.



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  1. thanks for the tip re gas buddy. this is an excellent way to compare prices. sometimes the price of gasoline changes quickly and they cannot keep up, but that is ok, best tool we have to work with.

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