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Spa Casino Buffet Palm Springs

Spa Casino Buffet Palm SpringsThe Spa Casino Buffet in Palm Springs is just not as good as many other buffets we have been to in other casinos and it certainly does not measure up to many of the other restaurants that are in Palm springs for the price.

We have not been to the buffet in a few years. We were surprised to find out that the price was $23.99 plus tax, less 10% if you have a slot card. This is on Saturday nights when they have their seafood buffet. We went for the crab legs and we were very disappointed. The crab legs were very small, filled with water and they had a fish smell to them. They just did not measure up at all.

Spa Casino Buffet Palm Springs – Other Items

The other items that were part of the seafood buffet at the Spa Casino in Palm Springs were fried calamari. They were over cooked and tiny shrimp. This was just not good , you expect much more for the price that you are paying, especially when they advertise their seafood buffet.

The remaining items were ok, although we did find that the desserts were quite small, which is ok, you can always take more if you are that hungry. We also were surprised when we were told that we had to get our own drinks. You can have as much as you want , just get your own! This is the first time we have seen this in any casino. It looks to us as if they are really trying to cut down on cost.

Hours for the Buffet

The buffet is also closed some nights. If you are planning to go during the week, check first to make sure that it is open. Also as a final note, if you are going to spend $50 on a meal for two, why not go to a nice restaurant were you are served and have something your really enjoy. We will not be back to the Spa Casino buffet.

If you have been there and would like to leave a comment please do. We have spoken with other patrons, unfortunately for us after the fact and found that they felt the same as we did. For more posts about Palm Springs Restaurants, click here.


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  1. Yeah the buffet was not good when we went as well, too bad , everything else is pretty good at the spa casino

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