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Café Latte Cino, Orleans

We have met for coffee many times at the Café Latte Cino on tenth line in Orleans.  It is located at 2020 Tenth Line Rd, unit 2 , Orleans, ON, K4A 4X4. It is in the same parkingCafé Latte Cino lot as CAA and Farmboy. This is the south west corner of tenth line and Innes road.

Cafe Latte Cino, opened its doors in late 2006 and offers a variety of coffees and light meals sure to satisfy every taste. Beside the high end coffees, they also offer homemade soup, salads, and sandwiches, Fresh juices and smoothies, a selection of cakes, and of course Italian Gelato. Customers can also take advantage of free internet in a relaxing environment.

Café Latte Cino – Comfortable Chairs

This is a great coffee shop, always clean, dishes always removed and tables cleaned as soon as patrons leave. There are a group of comfortable padded chairs for groups of four as well as the standard tables and chairs. There is lots of room, unlike other coffee shops were everyone is crowded into a small space.

Free WiFi

The Café Latte Cino also has free WiFi available which has always worked every time we have been there. There is also lots of parking although it is shared with several other businesses in this mall.

We especially enjoy the south facing windows which provide a bright environment and warm sunshine in the winter and early mornings. If the sun is too hot, just bring down the shades.

Excellent Food

The food has always been excellent, the selection is actually quite good for this type of coffee shop and prepared individually by the waitress. The coffee is fresh and there are a large variety of coffees to chose from. A really nice service that they provide is that they fill the coffee cup with hot water, to warm up the cup before filling with coffee. This way your coffee stays hot longer in your china coffee cup.

They have recently added a loyalty card which provides you with a free coffee after you add 20 points to your card, through the purchase of food or coffee. All in all this is a great place to have coffee. It is more expensive than Tim Hortons or Second cup but then you are receiving better service and nicer surroundings than Tim Hortons. Second Cup for my money now has the best environment to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee.


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