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Gain Weight During Allergy Season

Gain Weight During Allergy SeasonDo you gain weight during allergy season? If you are allergic to golden rod, dust and mold, it is not over yet. Most people equate allergy season to the spring when there is a lot of pollen in the air. It can be equally bad for people in the late summer and fall due to pollen from golden rod, and the mold that is in the air from decaying leaves and grasses.  If you gained weight in the spring or will gain weight in the fall, it is probably because you stayed inside more and avoid going out doors. Maybe you took the car every where instead of walking and going for a walk after supper was completely the wrong thing to do.

What all this translates into is less physical activity, maybe a bit of boredom which for many people means they eat more and they burn fewer calories. As a result the pounds go on and you gain weight. I know , this happens to me every year and I have to force myself to get out and exercise as well as work around the yard! When you are sneezing and coughing from your allergies it can be just easier to stay inside and not take on any activity at all. Actually the reverse is true. If you can increase your adrenaline level, your allergies will not bother you as much. Try running or doing some hard physical activity and see what happens. You may find that your allergy symptoms will have temporarily decreased!

Gain Weight During Allergy Season – Take Precautions

There are many precautions that can be taken to help you during this period of time. It really depends on how bad your allergies are. Some people are much worse than others and will need to take more extreme precautions. They are not ranked in importance, since what works for one person will not work for another. Here is our list that keeps me going during allergy season and helps me avoid losing weight:

  • Exercise makes me feel better, allergies do not bother me while exercising
  • Take allergy drugs prescribed by a doctor
  • Wear a mask if you are really susceptible to whatever makes you allergic
  • Finish work outside, undress in the laundry room and immediately take a shower
  • Finish exercising outside, undress in the laundry room and immediately take a shower
  • Keep the windows closed and run the air conditioning
  • Keep the filter on your furnace clean
  • Use a central vacuum and exhaust it outside the house
  • Monitor the air quality and stay inside on bad days
  • Go to the gym and exercise
  • Mold can be highest at night, stay inside at that time
  • Exercise indoors in your basement
  • Carry Kleenex with you everywhere
  • Always watch your diet

That’s a long list of possible things you can do to help you deal with your allergies and also keep active. You may not lose weight, but perhaps you will at least maintain your present weight. Better than gain weight during allergy Season during this difficult time frame.

We have assumed here that the main problem is dealing with your allergies so that you can keep active. If you are not active, you are going to gain weight because most people eat much more than they need to maintain their body weight. Develop an exercise program or plan that goes with some of the activities above that you use to control your allergy symptoms. You can never completely eliminate them, however if you can make your life more comfortable you are ahead of the game.

Comments on these ideas are welcome. If you have some to add, let us know.


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