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Do Fidgety People Burn More Calories

Do Fidgety People Burn More CaloriesDonald Trump claimed on the Dr Oz Show that he burns more calories by waving his hands. We wondered Do Fidgety People Burn More Calories in general? Donald Trump seems like a pretty high action/energy kind of guy. He apparently is overweight but looks great and does not seem to tire easily. We decided to look into this general question and see what a few experts think about this claim. Bottom line is that people who are fidgety and wave their hands a great deal will burn approximately 300 more calories a day compared to someone who is calmer.

Do Fidgety People Burn More Calories – Experts

Fidgeting clearly burns more calories than sitting behind a desk. Donald Trump may be better off on the campaign trail than running his business says Elizabeth DeRobertis, head dietitian at the Scarsdale Medical Group in Scarsdale, N.Y.

Just observe people at the mall the next time you are there. In general, overweight people are moving more slowly and are generally more relaxed. Many, not all, slim people are moving quicker, perhaps fidgeting more and burning more calories.

It just makes so much sense. The more you move, the more calories you are going to burn. However, fidgeting while burning calories will not help with things like improving cardiovascular capabilities. Muscle groups will not be strengthened. You need to focus on other types of exercises to improve in those areas.

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