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Enjoy a Quality Retirement, Eat Less Food

Enjoy a Quality Retirement, Eat Less FoodStudies are showing that if you want to enjoy a quality retirement, eat less food. This does not mean you have to starve yourself. In the study a control group ate 12% fewer calories each day and lost 10% of their body weight.  A 12% decline in food is roughly the equivalent to eating one less muffin a day from Starbucks. The results demonstrated a number of findings. The main result being if you want to enjoy a quality retirement lifestyle, eat less food. There were a host of side effects that were positive in nature which would lead to a better long term lifestyle.

Enjoy a Quality Retirement, Eat Less Food

For example, cholesterol declined in a large percentage of people in the study. Weight loss also helped people who had joint problems. Self esteem improved and participants appeared to have more energy.

Diet also appears to trump exercise. Many people who exercise believe they burn more calories than they actually do. They tend to eat more as a result believing that they are ok because of the exercise. The control group in the study were specifically asked to continue with the same exercise regimen. This was closely monitored. As a result because they were actually eating fewer calories they actually lost weight.

One sure-fire method of eating less is to use smaller plates. If you switch from 12 inch plates to 9 inch plates, you are automatically reducing your calories by approximately 25%. This assumes of course that you do not go back for seconds. They also suggest a balanced diet rather than cutting one food group in favor of another. For most people this approach seems to work and the benefits will carry right through to later lifestyle enjoyment. Who wants to go into retirement with all kinds of health issues brought on by overweight?

Eat less now and you will be able to enjoy your retirement that much more. For more health related suggestions and topics, click here.


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