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Cheating Ourselves of Sleep – Health Impacts

Cheating Ourselves of SleepIt is a well known fact that sleep deprivation can have extensive health impacts. Yet we are all guilty of cheating ourselves of sleep. For some people it is only a day or two at a time and then we are back to normal. However for many consumers, especially seniors, cheating ourselves of sleep is actually the norm. The real questions is whether we would change our bad sleep habits if we actually understood the impacts of not getting enough sleep has on our health? We all feel that we are super humans and it will not affect us. In fact we may not even realize the impact until it is too late. So, what are the impacts when we cheat ourselves of sleep over the long term?

Cheating Ourselves of Sleep – Health Impacts

As the picture above shows the impacts on our health can be numerous. They can be significant if sleep deprivation is allowed to continue for too long. You decide which ones apply to you and if you need to take action now. We will expand on each in a little more detail:

  • Risk of Diabetes – poor eating habits brought on by tiredness bring on diabetes
  • Growth suppression – Same thing applies here as well. People tend to eat to obtain energy
  • Risk of Obesity – eating high energy foods and sugar based foods as well as lower exercise leads to obesity
  • Decreased Reaction time – can cause accidents when operating machinery
  • Decrease Accuracy – errors made at work leads to poor performance
  • Tremors – the body reacts to being over tired inducing tremors
  • Aches – joint problems are increased
  • Irritability – lowered levels of patience leads to bad interactions with others
  • Cognitive Impairment – more difficulty in solving complex problems
  • Memory Loss – lowered ability to recall details and even normal day to day events and details
  • Impaired Moral Judgement – leads to poor decisions
  • Severe Yawning – often and long are indicators of sleep deprivation
  • Impaired Immune System – leads to more colds, sickness etc
  • Hallucinations – severe sleep loss can lead to serious sleep issues

If you are suffering from any of these you could be suffering severe sleep deprivation. Talk to a doctor and perhaps have a sleep assessment to determine if there is some underlying cause. For more details about getting a good nights sleep, click here.


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