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Starbucks – Sunrise – Ramon, Palm Springs

This Starbucks Palm Springs is right at the corner of Sunrise road and Ramon. It occupies one corner of a small mall with a Ralph’s grocery store, dry cleaners and several other small stores. They even have a drive though. Which we have not seen a lot of at any of the Starbucks that we go to.

Starbucks Palm SpringsThey also have a nice patio with umbrellas as well. Part of the building provides some shelter from the noon day sun. The only negative about this particular Starbucks is that several transients will hang out. They are on the Sunrise side of the building among the cacti landscaping. They have never caused us a problem. But they do tend to make one less willing to go to this particular Starbucks. Apparently there is nothing the store can do. Since these guys stay on public property and as a rule do not bother the customers.

Starbucks Palm Springs

The patio is in the shade in the morning and then gets the full sun during the afternoon. It can get a little hot in the summer time when sitting in this area. They also have free WiFi and are part of the corporate system that provides free coffee refills when you have a registered Starbucks card. There is lots of parking since they are part of the parking lot for the grocery store and the dry cleaners.

Many people will go to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and then go on to do their grocery shopping at Ralph’s, the grocery store and then head home. It is also an excellent location since it is at the intersection of two busy roads, but still has easy access and lots of parking.

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