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All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta

All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto VallartaWe cannot understand why anyone really would want to go to all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta. It is not because they are not nice places to go. They are extremely great places to go. Especially if you want to go somewhere and be pampered, not worry about a thing and not even be concerned about where you are going to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We have been to all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta and they are very nice. The grounds were great, the food was excellent, the pool was heated and clean and it was an extremely enjoyable thing to do. But for us by the end of the week we were getting a little bored. We wanted to get out and explore, talk to some of the locals, go to one of the bars and try a more authentic restaurant. We also wanted to go exploring to other villages.

Resorts in Puerto Vallarta – Going Out

The trouble is in Mexico you must be very careful especially when traveling in certain areas. We stay in Puerto Vallarta and toured around to many of the small villages on Banderas bay. There are many quaint little towns that offer beautiful restaurants, beaches and parks to enjoy. Nothing better than have a few beers on the beach and then being served fresh Mexican food right on the beach under a palapa.

We took the buses mainly to get around. This gets us away from the all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta to explore the area. We were able to visit the small towns, the shops in these towns and to sample some of the tequila that many places offer. Some stores offer their patrons a shot of tequila to sip while they are shopping for some of their products.

We once visited a jewelry store that served tequila in the back of the store to all of the patrons that visited their store and spent some time there. We think they just wanted to loosen us up so we would spend more money and it probably works. The tequila was ok, not really great or really bad. It was a nice touch to be provided something different.

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