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Diet – Try Two Meals a Day

Two Meals a DayCould it be possible that two meals a day be better than many small meals or even three meals a day? Most of us have heard that eating a number of small meals, usually six, each day is the best way to maintain your body weight. Also your energy and your overall health. Now recent studies are finding that these multiple meals may be over rated. Fewer meals may be the better answer.

Two Meals a Day – The Study

Fifty four patients with type 2 diabetes were split into two groups. Their diets were reduced by 500 calories per day.  The first group had three regular meals plus snacks between meals and after their main meal at night. The second group was limited to two meals a day. They had a large breakfast and a large lunch between noon and 4 pm. They kept their same exercise habits and they maintained this eating approach for two weeks and then switched. Both groups also maintained 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat

Two Meals a Day – The results

Both groups lost weight, but the group that was limited to two fewer meals lost more weight than the other group. They had lower fasting blood sugar levels. They lost or decreased the amount of fat in their livers.

Eating 6 meals per day makes it very difficult to control the calories in total that they eat. While eating only two meals per day, most people will eat fewer calories and possibly lose more weight. The study doctors were not confident that the group eating two meals per day did not eat fewer calories and lost more weight as a result.

They also recognize that it is difficult to not eat a meal at supper time. It is ingrained into our culture and the body is looking for a meal, unless a large lunch was consumed late in the day, which may be one way of compensating for the two meal a day approach. There may also be a tendency to gorge oneself especially if you are overly hungry. With a small number of meals, by the time it is time for the second meal most people are overly hungry. They may eat more calories which negates the weight loss potential.

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