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Best Travel CPAPThere are small travel CPAP machines, so small that they can fit in your pocket, or even your brief case and compared to some of the larger ones this can be very convenient.  If you travel a lot especially by plane, suitcases are packed tight then a travel CPAP can be very attractive. There are a couple of things that users should consider when traveling with a CPAP. Regardless of what machine you actually use.  The picture on the left is of someone taking the sleep test. We wanted to mention that since people might get the idea that this is the way you have to sleep. Check out the pictures in some of our other posts with pictures that show the various types of masks that can be warn once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Best Travel CPAP – Still Need Water

Regardless of which CPAP you use, we strongly recommend that you have a humidifier module attached to keep your nose and throat moist during the night. A CPAP without a humidifier can cause your nose etc to become uncomfortably dry during the night and even wake you up. Carry the humidifier portion of the CPAP with you at all times and bring distilled water with you to use so that you do not have to depend on tap water of questionable purity. If you are flying you will have to pack the water in your suitcase or purchase distilled water at your destination. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain depending on the location you are traveling too.

Best Travel CPAP – Bring Extension Chord

You should also pack an extension chord to reach those hard to reach electrical outlets. It is surprising just how many are located conveniently for the maid. They are not for the customers with all of their electronic devices that need to be recharged. Also for people who also use CPAP machines. The chords do not take up much room. You may be surprised at how much you use it for other devices as  well. A ten foot chord will be more than sufficient.

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