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Vallarta Grocery Stores

Visiting Puerto Vallarta grocery stores for the most part is just like visiting grocery stores in many other cities in Canada and the USA. The larger supermarkets have pretty much all of the same things that we have come to expect. There is lots of choice and quality foods available. They have good service and they still pack your bags which a lot of places in Canada do not do any longer.  Everything is in Spanish of course, but it is easy to tell what the price is and of course you can see what the item actually is with no problems.

Vallarta Grocery Stores quality

Just like Canada and the USA there are stores that do not measure up in terms of quality, quantity or even cleanliness. If you are living there in PV for any length of time, you will quickly get to know which stores which have the best foods and quality. We also found that depending on the day of the week some of the fruits and vegetables will be better than other days.

They even have a Costco in Puerto Vallarta with everything that you find in other parts of the world including the quality of the meet. The Costco store is a long way from downtown, although you can get there and back by bus. For Americans the prices are about the same, however they are probably very expensive for Mexican nationals. The store is clean and carries all of the brands, plus some Mexican brands that you may be familiar with .

Corner Store Grocery Stores

There are also small Vallarta grocery stores on street corners especially downtown. These are corner stores that stock the basics of what everyone will need for food for everyday living and you do not have to go far to find them. These stores carry more of the authentic Mexican products and are used by the locals as well as tourists alike. If you are staying in a condo or apartment nearby, these are the perfect places to pick up a few items for your meals and snacks.

One of our favorite meals are the roasted chickens they do on a spit, with small potatoes, onions and peppers. These chickens are delicious, always well done with the skin crispy and tasty. They can usually be purchased near a grocery store and always ask for a side dish of potatoes, onions and hot peppers.

They usually go on special once a week as well. There will be a line up of customers on these days. We always made sure that we picked up a couple and them made meals which we froze for another day to use when we did not feel like going out.

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  1. We lived in PV for 2 months and went to several grocery stores, they were all good but Costco was the best

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