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Fashion View Mall – Las Vegas

Fashion View MallThe Fashion View Mall in Las Vegas is a must to visit and explore. You cannot miss this mall since it is right on the strip located across the street from the Wynn Hotel, TI and across the corner from the Palazzo Hotel & Casino which is part of the Venation hotel and casino. Located on the strip is a huge saucer like structure that dominates the strip in this area. If you see this saucer, you know you have arrived at the Fashion View Mall in Las Vegas.

The mall is huge with well over 200 stores of all kinds. There are many clothing stores for women and let’s face it is a place for the ladies to shop, but there is something there for the men as well. There are a number of gadget shops which the writer likes to visit every time I am in Vegas. Brookstone is one of my favorite places to spend half an hour in to see what new gadgets they have added to their selection. I also like to sit in one of their comfortable chairs and enjoy a massage.

Fashion View Mall

The other store that draws a lot of people is the Apple Store. I have never been there when there was not a crowd of people in the store. Either making a purchase or talking to a sales associate about some problem that they may have. These guys are great at providing advice. They can help for any issue you might be trying to resolve with your Apple products.

The Fashion View Mall really has something for everyone. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to eat there is a fast food court on the 3rd level that provides ample seating both indoors and out.

The only complaint that we have is that the music they play on the mall area outdoors is far too loud and repetitive. They could subdue it a little and provide more variety if they want patrons to be attracted to this particular area.

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