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Puerta Vallarta Rentals

Puerta Vallarta Rentals of hotel rooms, time shares, condo’s and homes are all available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Depending on the location desired and the whether you want modern North American or rustic Mexican, just about all types of rentals are available in this Mexican city by the coast. The weather is fantastic during the late fall and winter into spring. The summers are hot and humid with lots or rain, but prices for Puerto Vallarta rentals are much lower at this time.

Puerta Vallarta Rentals

Make Your Reservations for Rentals Early

The city of Puerto Vallarta is busy during tourist season and Mexican citizens are employed in many different enterprises and businesses that serve the tourists when they come. They offer really great service, polite with great quality of food at inexpensive prices. These Puerto Vallarta rentals can be reserved months in advance and many people will book their place a year in advance before they leave.

We have seen condos for rent along the ocean that have lots of beach front as well as hot tubs and huge pools to spend your days by relaxing. There are single family homes for rent that are part of a golf course resort. There are original Mexican homes available in old town Puerto Vallarta as well as in other areas of the city.

Learn Spanish

It really helps if you know a little bit of Spanish. Mexican citizens really appreciate the attempts that are made by visiting tourists to learn their language. Most people working in the service industry will know some degree of English. Also other languages so you will never be lost and unable to find help while in Puerto Vallarta. We spent two months in PV as it is known and had a great time. We do not speak Spanish, but had no problems making ourselves understood.

The prices for meals and alcohol are also very reasonable. As long as you eat at traditional Mexican restaurants, or sitting under a palapa on the beach. Beer is usually around a $1.00 a beer. They will sell them in buckets, 6 to a bucket packed in ice.

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