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CPAP InsuranceOne of the big negatives for many patients regarding sleep apnea is the cost of the CPAP machines. In Canada at least these machines are running around $1200 for the machine. This includes all of the accessories such as hoses and masks, along with a humidifier for the CPAP machine. This is a huge cost for consumers. Many people cannot afford this cost. As a result they just continue to live with sleep apnea. In addition to the corresponding risks associated with not treating it.

Fortunately in Ontario, Canada, the Ontario government kicks in 75% of the cost. Which leaves approximately $400 that the patient must pay for. Unless they have CPAP insurance or their own private health insurance which provides coverage for health devices.

Private Health CPAP Insurance for CPAP machines

If a patient does not have coverage of any kind, they are faced with a $400 cost. Which is much better than the $1200 total cost. However if they do have insurance, these plans will cover approximately 80% of the cost. In this example $320 of the cost. This leaves the consumer with a cost of $80 which is much more affordable for many consumers.

It is really important to investigate just how much you have to pay out of your own pocket vs. what can be covered by other sources. Not everyone has access to health insurance. As a result many people just make the decision to not investigate. They feel that it is going to just cost too much. There are significant consequences to this decision. You have to wonder about how people reach this decision.

Consequences of not Purchasing a CPAP Machine

The consequences include (we are being blunt her to get your attention):

  • Lack of sleep will cause all kinds of accidents which is going to cost you much more
  • Sleep apnea can cause heart attacks
  • Sleep apnea can cause strokes
  • Severe sleep apnea in addition to the above, can cause severe sleep deprivation and organ malfunction

If any of the above occurs, the cost to you and your family is going to be far more than the cost of a CPAP machine even if you have to pay for the entire thing yourself. This cost cannot be measured if you have a heart attack or stroke, lose your job and cannot support your family.

Tax Deductions

The cost of a CPAP machine is tax deductible in most jurisdictions. Although you may not get much back depending on the state or province where you live, it is still something and consumers should always retain receipts and add this to the overall cost of the machine.

How Long Does a CPAP Machine Last

CPAP machines are well constructed and most machines will last a very long time. A neighbor has a machine which he has been using for the past 6 years without any problems. Of course he has had to replace the mask and the hoses several times. These accessories to the main machine are covered under your personal health coverage that you may have. The Ontario government will only cover 75% of the cost of the machine and not the accessories.

The accessories include the hose, the mask, the straps that hold the mal in place and the filter that filters the air before it enters the machine. All of these can be purchased from a health store that specializes in CPAP accessories and the cost claimed to your personal health insurance coverage.

While we are not aware of specifics, consumers should ask if there any support networks available in your area that can provide discounted equipment or financial support for these machines. Every little bit helps and will be appreciated by most people.

Before you make any purchases, investigate what insurance coverage is available to you so that you will know up front what the net cost to you will be and how much will be covered by your CPAP health insurance coverage. For more information about CPAP Insurance issues, click here.


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  1. i also have a cpap machine and i am amazed at how much of the cost was picked up for my machine. this is a really a great deal and my health has improved a great deal

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