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Cowboys of Belfast

Cowboys of BelfastThe Cowboys of Belfast is a nine-piece band that plays the music of Van Morrison. Born on St Patrick’s Day.  We are not followers of Van Morrison or the Belfast Cowboys, however they are apparently pretty good. they play at various venues around the nation entertaining crowds of people with the music of Van Morrison and other tunes. There are many followers of this band and also of the Van Morrison style of music around the world.

The band features several veterans of the Minneapolis music scene, including singer Terry Walsh and sax man Vic Volare. The Cowboys have become one of Minnesota’s most popular bands, playing monthly shows at Lee’s Liquor Lounge and Whiskey Junction, among others.

Cowboys of Belfast – Van Morrison

Van Morrison, was born George Ivan Morrison on 31 August 1945. He is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician. Some of his recordings, such as the studio albums Astral Weeks and Moondance and the live album It’s Too Late to Stop Now have been very popular on many of the record charts

Morrison as a teenager in the late 1950s, played a variety of instruments including guitar, harmonica, keyboards and saxophone for various Irish show bands. He rose to prominence in the mid-1960s as the lead singer of the Northern Irish R&B band Them, with whom he recorded the garage band classic “Gloria”.

Morrison continues to record and tour, producing albums and live performances that sell well and are generally warmly received, sometimes collaborating with other artists, such as Georgie Fame and The Chieftains. In 2008 he performed Astral Weeks live for the first time since 1968.

Morrison’s music includes “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile)”, “Domino” and “Wild Night”. He also sings Astral Weeks and lesser-known works such as Veedon Fleece and Common One.

Cowboys of Belfast – Grammy Awards

Morrison has received six Grammy Awards, the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and appearing on several “Greatest Artists” lists.

There are lots of web sites that provide much more detailed information about the cowboys of Belfast and the Van Morrison style of music. Many are fan favorites and many people enjoy this music all over the world. This style is not our favorite style of music, however he is much loved by many fans. Ireland is a beautiful country and many Irish return every year to their homeland to renew acquaintances, search for family history or just to experience some of the history that abounds in the country.  If you cannot make it to Ireland for what ever reason, why not listen to some of Ireland’s famous artists instead?

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