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Planning our next Trip

Planning Our TripWell we are planning our next trip down south. We will be joining the thousands of snow birds that head south every year to get away from the cold and the snow. We will be gone for four months. Who wouldn’t look forward to palm trees, sun and swimming. We are planning to drive since we want to have our own car while we are away on a winter vacation rather than fly and then rent a car. There are lots of things to think about when you are leaving for this length of time. Logistics of your trip is one area to consider but so are the responsibilities of your home which also must be considered. We put together this post to help other people like us prepare for their trips.

Planning our next Trip

We love to hike and travel to interesting sites, so this is also part of our trip. We are considering Dallas and traveling to the site of the show called Dallas, South Fork ranch. Apparently there are lots of tours through the ranch every day. We thought this might be an interesting thing to do.

We will go through Tucson where the PIMA museum is and the bone yard for planes that are no longer required or able to be in the air. Some planes are just stored, while others are being kept for parts. It covers several square miles and there are thousands of planes at this site. This is a must see place if you are interested in this sort of thing.

Titan Missile Museum

Another location we might go to is the Titan Missile Museum just south of Tucson. This is from the cold war when there were missiles all over the US pointed at Russia. They were intended as a deterrent to any attack that they might fire at us. Apparently this is the last one that is left in the US. There are regular visitors to this location which is just outside of Tucson.

On our travels we may also go to Biloxi, MS to visit the coast and stay at a hotel called the Beau Rivage. If you have not been to the Beau Rivage, it is a very nice place right on the gulf and part of the MGM chain of hotels.

That is it for now. We will update our posts once we have our plans finalized. These are just a couple of areas that we are thinking about and provide some idea of what is involved. We have other posts with detailed checklists of items to consider.

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