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Consumers losing Sleep over Financial Issues

Consumers losing Sleep over Financial IssuesConsumers losing sleep over financial issues and other health related issues have a higher probability of being overweight and having other health problems. On this site we talk a lot about losing weight, dieting, exercise, etc. but the reality is that you may do everything right and yet even gain weight because you are not getting enough sleep. Sleeplessness causes low energy levels. We compensate by eating more often and eating energy-rich foods such as sugar deserts etc. If we are lucky we stay the same in weight, but most of us gain weight. It turns out that financial issues are a huge contributor to losing sleep. Here is a little more information about this issue and what you can do about it.

Consumers losing Sleep over Financial Issues – Causes

2007 2009 2015
Retirement savings 34% 40% 40%
Health care/insurance bills 28% 35% 29%
Mortgage/rent  20% 28% 27%
Education expenses 31% 27% 31%
Credit card debt 17% 23% 21%

There have been some changes over the years. But the real question is what can you do about it if you are falling into this category and are losing sleep as a result.

Take action on the issue that is causing you to lose sleep. If it is credit card debt and your paying high interest rate, get a low interest loan and pay it off as quickly as you can. Lock up the card so you cannot use it and if you do not have the money to make a purchase then don’t spend the money. You might have to scrimp and save, you might have to give up a few things until you resolve the issue, but at least you have a plan and you are dealing with it. Just doing this part will help you sleep better.

The same is true for other items on this list that are keeping you awake at night. Your issue may not be on the list, but whatever it is devise a plan to deal with your issue. Talk to experts or your spouse to get some help regarding what to do. Bottom line is to take action to reduce your stress and avoid gaining weight because you are not sleeping.

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