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Common Sense Exercise

Healthy Balanced Diet to Lose WeightThis post is all about the approach to common sense exercise. One of the biggest concerns everyone has is how will exercise affect me? Especially when I have not exercised in some time. Will my  heart be able to handle the increased workload? Will my joints withstand the stress of carrying all of the extra weight around while we exercise? Can I withstand the pain of exercise due to sore muscles?

Common Sense Exercise – No Pain , No Gain

We have all heard this statement over and over, applied to many different topics including weight loss. If you have watched the biggest loser, it is obvious that these people are going though significant pain as they work to reduce weight. They are working out a large number of hours every day, with sore muscles, stomach cramps and pushing themselves harder and harder. Although this has great entertainment value, the concern is can their hearts withstand this additional physical stress.

The contestants on the Biggest Loser have a team of doctors monitoring their every move, monitoring the food they take in and monitoring the medications that they need to take. We have seen some people on the biggest loser actually collapse. for the first week, every muscle in their bodies must be sore, although they really do not show or refer to this, but you can be sure they are in a lot of pain.

From a common sense exercise point of view, by far the majority of people do not have this level of support when they begin to exercise. If you join a gym, you will always be asked to sign a document which absolves the gym of any blame should you have some sort of health issue while at the gym.

If you are concerned ask for a doctors assessment and recommendation regarding your exercise level. Start by walking around the block. Depending on the level of your health you may want to start slowly and build up to a more intense level of exercise. If you feel any discomfort other than sore muscles, take a break. Build up slowly and as you control your diet with the common sense diet approach and follow a common sense exercise  approach you will gradually get stronger and lose weight.

Common Sense Exercise – It Takes Time to Lose Weight

Contrary to the TV advertisements that suggest you can lose significant amounts of weight in a short time period and look like some of the hunks and beauties that advertise these products, no one can make that transition so fast. These people have practiced portion control and exercise programs all of their lives in order to look like the way they do on TV. It is just impossible to change your body to look like that in a short amount of time regardless of whether it is an exercise machine of some sort or a pill or liquid that is being advertised.

The message they are giving to you is that you should buy this product to look like the way these people do. It just will not happen, in the time frame they are suggesting. It takes hard work and focused effort on exercise as well as diet to get to look the way these people look.

Common Sense Exercise Programs

Note that we are not saying “Don’t buy these products”. We are saying that you should manage your expectations regarding these products. If you purchase some sort of weight bearing machine that slides under your bed when not in use, the machine could actually be an excellent addition to your exercise program.

Use the new exercise machine every day or at least 3 times a week and push yourself to your limit every time. Over time you will begin to see results. Add to these exercises to increase your level of fitness and as your strength builds you will be able to do more, exercise more and lift heavier weights.

Using this type of approach will vastly improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. One of the most important elements to keep in mind is that you must manage your own expectations. The TV advertisements build up unrealistic expectations and everyone gets disappointed when the results do not immediately come. Set some realistic guidelines and goals and then work towards achieving them over a reasonable amount of time.

Exercise is a Lifetime Challenge

For most of us, with the temptations we have, the life style we lead, exercise is becoming a lifetime activity. Whether you go to the gym, take the dog for a walk, bicycle or ski, everyone of us should know that we need to do some form of exercise all of our lives.

When we were kids, we participated in various sports and were always active. As adults we become more sedentary and burn less calories as a result. Most of us do not reduce the number of calories that we intake and as a result we tend to gain weight. Many people will gain a minimum of 10 pounds every decade, while those of us with eating problems may gain much more than that.

If you want to maintain your weight, the equation is pretty simple. Calories that you eat must be either burned off through daily activities, burned off through exercise or they will add to your bodies fat content. There is no getting around that fact. 2000 calories in less 1500 burned off by daily activities and exercise leaves 500 calories that your body will add on as fat! This is just a simple example to make a point. Individuals need to gauge your food intake with your activity level to assess how much exercise you need and how much you need to decrease your caloric intake.

In summary start slow and build up your exercise routine, stay with it, set up a program for yourself to follow and limit your caloric intake. Get a doctors assessment if you are at all concerned about your health level and your ability to exercise.


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  1. have you tried calorie-counting? My mom is a deiabtic and needs to loose major pounds… her Dr. suggested calorie-counting (it’s been three months and she has lost 40 pounds!!)… search calorie counters on google (or yahoo) and you can type in a food… and it will give you the amount of calories in that food! I would suggest cutting your calorie intake down to a maximum of 1500 calories per day… it isn’t easy… but tell yourself ‘this is a lifestyle choice’. also record your calories on a notebook or computer… it will help you!GOOD LUCK! Was this answer helpful?

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