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White Water Rafting

White Water RaftingIf you are wondering about white water rafting, how safe is it and what services you are provided with? You have arrived at the right web site. We will be adding a great deal of information and links to various sites that provide white water rafting across the country.

Whitewater Rafting trips can be great fun and provide lots of excitement. However it is always a good idea to practice safe rafting and to choose wisely when you are about to go on a whitewater rafting trip for the first time. Always confirm the experience of the guide that will take you down the river. They should be well trained and have completed many trips successfully. The best way to know is through referrals to ensure that you go with a whitewater rafting company that you know or has been recommended.

White Water Rafting – Safety First

Always wear life jackets and pay attention to your guide. They have the experience and will tell you when to paddle when to hold on etc. Never drink alcohol prior to going on a rafting whitewater trip. Reaction time and judgment are never as good as they are once you have had a drink or two.

Almost every state in the nation offers whitewater rafting trips through many rapids. Usually they offer half day trips as well as full day trips that include lunch cooked over a fire for you to enjoy in the great outdoors. A few whitewater rafting trips also have overnight excursions. You will need to inquire what equipment you need to bring with you. Above all bring several changes of clothes, because you will get wet!

The spring whitewater rafting trips usually bring fast high water for great whitewater rafting, summer months are slower and the fall often has more rain which means again fast rolling water. Some locations are below dams which  regulate the water outflow ensuring a steady water flow all year round.All rafting on rivers is classified into categories. If this is a first time always make sure that you are going rafting on a river trip that is in line with your physical abilities.

Rafting Packages

If you are new to white water rafting and really wondering what is white water rafting and what the sport is all about, you may want to start with one of the relatively calm white water rafting packages and then progress as you find these trips interesting and exciting. Beginners can choose from camping packages and hotel packages.

Typically white water rafting trips will include, (however they do vary by location and company) :

  • Buffet Breakfast before your trip.
  • A great riverside lunch complete with all the trimmings
  • One or Two Day full day rafting trip
  • Complementary beverage after your trip
  • Delicious Gourmet Dinner.
  • One or 2 nights Camping Include camping and meals or
  • One or 2 Nights Lodging for hotel trips

Select the Right Rafting Package

Choose a white water rafting trip that makes sense for you, your family and friends and your budget. For an exhilarating ride of a fast rapids and the comfort of a hotel room at night, book the hotel package with meals. You will have a very exciting and comfortable vacation.

Always book a trip that is aligned with the members in your group. If someone cannot swim, you will want to stay away from a trip that has a high probability of being dumped into the water.

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