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Backpacking GearWhether you are planning a one day backpacking hike or a weeks backpacking through the wilderness, it pays to be prepared and carry all of the right backpacking gear. You never know what you will be faced with and whether you will need to spend an extra night in the wilds because of weather or some more serious problem such as getting lost. It always pays to be prepared, so we have compiled a sample list of backpacking gear that you may want to consider taking along with you.

Of course what you take will depend on were you are going, how long your trip will be and the area were you will be backpacking. Plan for emergencies and plan for extra days just in case.

Also always tell someone were you are going and if you decide to change your mind, tell your contact or somehow get a message out. If you become lost or get trapped in some manner, at least your contact will know when to expect you back and approximately were you have gone. Sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. Even experienced back packers sometimes forget and they unfortunately pay the ultimate price.

Back Packing Gear to Take

So what backpacking gear should  you consider for your backpacking trip? The backpacking gear items you could include depending on your plans are:

Backpack – seems obvious, however you want one that is comfortable, that can carry everything you are going to need and has clear markings on it so that it can be seen at a distance easily in case you need to be found. If your backpack will be full, make sure that the straps are wide enough and comfortable for you to carry the backpack.

Quick drying towel – a lot less weight to carry than a heavy wet towel

Walking shoes – comfortable and suitable for the type of hiking you will do. Regular running shoes might not stand up to the rigors of back country hiking.

Underwear & Socks – Clean dry socks will keep your feet in good shape. Change often if you find that your feet are overly warm

Long Underwear – Depending on the season you may want to bring these along. If the nights are still cold, you may want them just in case you get stranded.

Sleeping Bag – Carry a light weight down filled bag with you. They cost a bit more, but are light and can be folded into a small package easily

Passport – If you are leaving the country to another locale this is an absolute must have

Spy Wallet – You should consider dividing up your money and travelers checks between wallets just in case.

Day Pack – These are useful for short hikes

Camera – A small pocket digital camera is always handy and they take quite good quality pictures. They are less bulky than the larger 35 MM digital cameras

Journal – As the days pass one will blur into another. A journal helps to remember those all important details

More Items to Consider

Travelers Check’s – safer than money , they can be replaced if lost or stolen

Wet Wipes – easy to carry and light as well

Laundry Detergent – in case you need to do some washing along the way.

Rain Coat – Small fold up rain coats can be invaluable in the rain and at night.

Medical Kit – A small kit with the basics is always a good idea, band aids, some disinfectant etc

Maps – a paper map is always a good idea even if you are using a GPS. Batteries do run out and that’s were the paper map comes in handy

Compass – always a good idea no matter were you are going

Personal items – toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo

Clothing – for the type of backpacking you plan to do. Obviously you would pack much different clothes for the bush , desert or traveling around the country by bus

Water Proof matches – in case you need to light a fire.

Water Purification tablets – in case your water runs out and you need to drink water out of a local stream

Snacks – even if you are just going for a day hike, always pack some high energy snacks in case you get lost or cannot get back for some reason.

Other Items to consider

Our list of backpacking gear is not all-inclusive. If you think there is a major item missing please feel free to add a comment to our blog. However if you follow these basics for backpacking gear you probably will find  that you will be fine should you get lost or have an accident along the way.

Backpacking with a partner is the best approach to follow. You can always look out for each other and help each other in emergencies. Beside it is just more fun to backpack with someone than by yourself and if you have the right backpacking gear with you, you will have no worries. Don’t forget to tell people were you are going and when to be expected back.

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