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Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater

Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater offers endless views of scenic wonder, rich in Native American history and loaded with fun and adventure, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Therefore exploring the Grand Canyon by river is an experience unlike any other.

Discover hidden waterfalls and paradisaical side canyons – areas of Grand Canyon National Park that are accessible only by river. Listen to the sound of the mighty Colorado River as you lie down under a blanket of innumerable stars each night on multi day trips after your Grand Canyon rafting experience. Watch the morning sun cast its warm glow through towering canyon walls. Discover the rush of excitement from legendary Colorado River whitewater. Escape completely on a worry-free vacation with no schedules and no stress – where time stands still. Certainly these are just a few of the many benefits of taking a trip like this.

Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater

In the grandest canyon of the Colorado River, experience the whitewater rafting excitement, serenity, joy and enchanting beauty of the river as it transforms this divine chasm. Go Grand Canyon rafting 187 miles in 6 or 7 days, each day descending deeper into geologic time.

The Grand Canyon is ever-changing, with massive walls that step back to expose eons of natural history. At one place dark and narrow, and at another lush with waterfalls thundering hundreds of feet in luminous free fall. Daily side hikes lead you to sparkling streams, pristine pools, green fern glens, and ancient Anasazi ruins.

Consequently the astounding scenery through Grand Canyon National Park is enhanced by the thrill of over 60 rapids.

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