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Lees FerryRafting Trip – Grand Canyon by Raft – Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek

Description – Lees Ferry

The Grand Canyon is one of the earths true natural wonders. A place with profound beauty, history, geology, and ecology. Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world gather at the Canyon’s rim to look down into its magnificent vastness. Many will also hike or ride a donkey along the trail to the canyon’s bottom. But there’s no better way to really see the Canyon than to travel through it, via the Colorado River.

Journeying through the Grand Canyon on your watery pathway, you will see dramatic changes as the canyon walls climb towards the sky, mesmerizing you with awesome beauty and untold years of geological history. There are  side hikes, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, Native American history, and breathtaking scenery that can  enrich this amazing adventure.

This is one of the longest rafting trips in the US. Covering 225 river miles, this trip offers all the scenery, side canyons and whitewater excitement of canyon trip with the glories of Marble Canyon, the mysteries of the Inner Gorge, terrific side hikes and Indian ruins, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, cactus gardens and whitewater galore. You can  explore the numerous side canyons, which crisscross this magnificent region, each having it’s own unique attractions, just waiting to be discovered.

River Rating – 42 major rapids rated 5 or above on a scale of 1 to 10

Number of Rapids – 42,  The two most noted of the Colorado’s rapids, Crystal and Lava Falls, are both rated a 10. The intensity of all rapids naturally depends on the water level, so readings for low and high water levels may vary slightly.

Minimum Age – 12 years

Departure Dates – Dates vary by year, 2011 – May 21 until October 10

Boat Type –  Varies by outfitter, most are 18 feet inflatable rafts, holding 4 passengers and a guide.

What to Bring –

  • Pre- and post-trip accommodations and meals
  • Grand Canyon National Park Entrance Fee
  • Items of a personal nature (an equipment list will be provided)
  • Rent sleeping bags and pads from your outfitter
  • Insurance of any kind, including travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

What’s Usually Included?

  • Transportation by van from meeting point to put-in at Lees Ferry and return from Diamond Creek
  • Expedition equipment, including highest quality rafts, 2 person shared tent, personal flotation device (PFD, waterproof bags, camp chair as well as eating utensils, plates and cups for overnight trips
  • Skilled, professional, experienced guides
  • Meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on your last day

Reviews – Feel free to post a review of this trip and white water rafting adventure.

Outfitters – O.A.R.S. is one of the outfitters we have reviewed and  has been in business since 1969 . Great trips on some of the world’s best rivers, coastlines and mountains are the recipe for this success. Always focused on our clients and their vacations, it is our genuine—if not biased—belief that river trips and wilderness vacations are extremely valuable life experiences.


• In 1969, O.A.R.S. became the first exclusively oar-powered rafting outfitter to offer river trips through the Grand Canyon. Hence the immediate success of these trips inspired founder and President George Wendt to expand his business into the largest and most geographically diverse rafting, sea kayaking, and multi-sport company in North America.

Since 1969, the family-owned and operated company has shared in the world’s waterways with more than 450,000 guests. They have more than 75 itineraries on over 35 rivers and coastlines worldwide. Also four decades of experience in the industry, and some staff members who have been with the company since nearly the beginning. O.A.R.S. is routinely recognized for serving up some of the “Best Trips on the Planet,”

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