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Alaska White Water Rafting

Alaska White Water RaftingAlaska is home to some beautiful country, wild animals, some really big mountains, white water rafting and of course Sarah Palin. Her latest reality show that show cases both the Palin family and the state of Alaska. She has done a great job of allowing Americans and Canadians to get to know her state and her family. She is doing a great job about showing off Alaska and the many out door things you can do in Alaska. Of course all of these activities will not appeal to everyone. You just need to watch the show were Kate + Eight, visited Sarah and her family and they went on a camping trip. Not a good experience for Kate, although the kids really liked it. All of the liberal hacks and city slickers really put her down for her out doors attitudes, however I thing she is a “Real American”.

Whether she is going to take a run for President of the United States is an unknown, although she is taking huge steps to show the American people who  she is and what she stands for. In the mean time, Alaska should see a huge influx of tourism as a result of the show.

Alaska White Water Rafting

This site is all about white water rafting and not presidential candidates or reality shows so we are going to take a look at the white water rivers in Alaska. Here is a list of them along with information we could find about them.

  • Copper River
  • Chitina River
  • Nizina River
  • Kennicott River
  • Alsek River
  • Tatshenshini River

Copper River

Rafting in Alaska on the Copper river, through one of the world’s most dramatic canyons, will render a lifetime of memories. Offering an abundance of wildlife, cascading waterfalls, glaciers that often calve right into the river, and mild white water, this river trip floats 100 miles towards the sea, allowing for a classic passage from the heart of Alaska’s majestic mountains to the sparkling Prince William Sound. Simply put, there is no better way to experience the Alaskan wilderness than on this Alaska river rafting trip.

Chitina River

Nizina Canyon, expansive views, eagles, salmon and possible bear sightings. Open riverside camps, view of the Wrangell Mountains

This river features spectacular scenery and remote wilderness. The journey begins near the headwaters of the Kennicott River, only half a mile below the terminus of the Kennicott Glacier. Float the splashy rapids of the Kennicott and merge into the Nizina, which narrows to a steep-walled canyon, a highlight of the trip. On a multiday trip, the second day, the Nizina joins the Chitina and the valley spreads wide as we turn west, skirting the Chugach Mountains. Stop at clear streams and sloughs to search for spawning salmon and keep our eyes peeled for the grizzlies and eagles that feed on them. The last day we will end our river journey at the confluence of the Copper River, near the tiny town of Chitina.

Nizina River

Highlights: bush plane flights into the park, glacial lake exploration, mile-high cliffs, waterfalls, hiking in the vast Chitistone Valley, Nizina Canyon rapids

Less than a dozen people float this stretch of river each season. This is a unique and remote wilderness adventure, as you must be dropped off and picked up by a bush plane that lands on the river bar. The flight in takes us to the lake at the toe of the Nizina Glacier, surrounded by ice-capped peaks and rocky crags. The lake itself is full of icebergs, some as large as a house. Spend the first day hiking and rowing around the lake and exploring the wonders of ice and rock. On the second day you run the splashy rapids of the Nizina River. At night camp beneath the towering Mile-High Cliffs and the following day hike up the broad Chitistone Valley.

Day four is spent floating through a maze of channels as the river bends west around Sourdough Mountain. After floating the spectacular Nizina Canyon, pull out, pack up, and a bush plane carries you back to McCarthy.

This trip can be combined with the Chitina River Journey or the Glacier to the Ocean trip for a remote adventure up to two weeks or more in length!

Kennicott River

Few one-day rafting adventures can match the level of rushing whitewater and powerful vistas found on the remote Kennicott River. In addition through Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The fun begins near the hamlet of McCarthy at the base of the Root and Kennicott glacial moraine. Where the Kennicott River begins its steep descent away from these towering ice fields. You head off downriver for 45 minutes of delightful and challenging Class II and III rapids. A stop below the whitewater lets you marvel at a panorama that includes views of the Wrangell and Chugach mountain ranges jutting skyward.

Alsek River

Perhaps the wildest and most visually spectacular rivers in North America. The Alsek and Tatsheshini give you mountains, glaciers and more! Flowing from the inlands of the Yukon Territory to the coastal regions of the Gulf of Alaska. These rivers offer a full range of outdoor experience. The Alsek is extraordinarily different from the Tatshenshini which is only “one valley over”. Glaciers, icebergs, wildlife, canyons and a helicopter portage around Turnback Canyon add to the adventure. The Alsek valley is perhaps the most “Himalayan-like” topography on the continent!

Tatshenshini River

The Tatshenshini River flows through the heart of the largest bio-preserve in the world. Wildlife abounds as you travel through tall mountains, vast glaciers and ice burg dotted lakes.

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