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Colorado River Condominiums

Colorado River CondominiumsColorado river condominiums in Bullhead city, Arizona are just like the name says, right on the Colorado river. They are situated across the river from the casinos in Laughlin Nevada and provide a great view during the day and at night from your balcony.

These condos are nice, but there are some negatives about them that potential renters and snow birds should be aware of.

  • Pool is not heated
  • Pool water is at 61 degrees
  • There is no beach contrary to some sites we have looked at
  • The pool is not clean
  • The ducks enjoy the pool and leave their droppings on the deck
  • The area around the property is pretty run down
  • The units while nice are not sound proof
  • There are 6 barbecues, but they are a long ways from your condo.

Picture of the Colorado river condominiums

There are some good points about this condo that we would also like to point out. You may not be interested in using the pool at all in which case these units might be just what you want.

Advantages of the Colorado river condominiums

  • Large units some with 3 bedrooms and 1600 square feet
  • Nice large balconies
  • Gated community
  • Lots of parking
  • Elevator to higher units
  • Two hot tubs
  • Storage for RV’s or boats
  • Close to casinos
  • Water taxi service available from the property
  • Very quiet, except for the boats and seados on the river.

This property is located at 251 Moser avenue and we rented it for a month in March. We were given the impression that the pool was heated, although nothing was in writing and it is not on any advertising that we saw. Several sites did advertise a pool, but nothing was said about whether you could use it or not. Our fault for not verifying this before we signed the contract.

We are writing this post to warn people that if they want a heated pool, they should verify it, get it on the contract. Do not take the salesman word for it. They use words like – we think it is heated, it is usually heated, it is probably heated etc. be very careful about this if this is important to you.

Buying Colorado river condominiums

As far as buying one of these units, they are very nice and spacious, however again buyer beware. We were told that several were being foreclosed so you can probably pick one up pretty cheap, however the HOA fees will be unpaid. You want to make sure that you do not get stuck for these outstanding fees.

I think this is the other reason the pool is not heated, they are trying to save money because the HOA is not getting the cash flow they really need due to the condition of many of the owners probably not paying. During the real estate crisis these unit owners lost thousands of dollars and are having difficulty  meeting mortgage payments and HOA fees. With so many owners in difficulty and little cash coming in the HOA has to limit their services and conserve cash as much as possible. This is the reason we think that the pool is not heated and they do not cater to snow birds who are expecting a heated pool.

Check the Details

Check all of this out before you purchase if you plan to buy a unit. They do have great garages for storing RV’s and boats, cars etc so this will meet a lot of peoples needs. We also found that there is not a lot to do in the area. You can visit the casinos of course, go out to various restaurants, play golf, go hiking, water sports etc. But it is generally quite limited for the more senior snow birds who may not be interested in water sports or casinos for example.

We spent a month in Bullhead Arizona and Laughlin Nevada. By the end of the month we were really ready for a change of scenery. Our next stop is Palm Springs and there really is no comparison to Bullhead Arizona. Lots of restaurants, entertainment etc. to take in. Perhaps we did not give Bullhead and Laughlin enough of a chance. We do enjoy going to the casinos but only for three to five days at a time.

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  1. you have to be really careful when you rent over the internet. Pictures may look great, but were taken when the unit was new and now it is dirty and not well looked after. at this property , they do not look after the outside hallways, no one cleans and they are not looking after the pool. Terrible, when you pay rent and do not get the services you expected.

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