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Bronchitis and Colds

Bronchitis and ColdsWhether you suffer from bronchitis or asthma, you probably already know that catching a cold is particularly problematic for you. Both conditions can be made a lot worse and medication may be needed. It turns out that Bronchitis and Colds are not a good combination. If you can imagine your bronchial tubes in a normal situation suddenly attacked by a cold virus causing them to swell and also produce mucus leaving a tiny opening for air to travel back and forth from your lungs, you get the picture. This is exactly what happens when some people catch colds and suddenly find it difficult to breathe.

They probably also begin coughing a tremendous amount as well which is difficult for the person as well as those around him or her. Sleeping is particularly problematic. Taking cough medicine reduces the ability to get rid of the mucus in your throat which may make your situation much worse. Follow your doctors orders regarding taking cough medicine when you have asthma or bronchitis. Many asthmatics are told to avoid cough suppressant.

 Your Bronchial Tubes Are Inflamed

A cold will irritate your bronchial tubes causing them to swell and also produce mucus. It is this combination that is particularly bad for people who have chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is define by persistent bronchial cough for 3 months 2 years in a row. For most people they never need to worry about this , however if you are susceptible to bronchitis, then a simple cold will trigger an attack and it may take a long time for the coughing to subside. A long time can mean a minimum of several weeks to several months. It is a good thing to cough since you want to cough up any mucus that you might have in your bronchial tunes or your lungs. Do not take cough suppressant since this would defeat the purpose of coughing.

Bronchitis and Colds – Visit Your Doctor

If you suspect that this is your problem, it is important to visit a doctor and be properly diagnosed. Writing from experience, someone who has had several colds in the last year and a bronchial attack each time, getting diagnosed by a doctor is very important. It is also extremely important that you take the regularly scheduled medication. It will prepare and strengthen your lungs and bronchial tubes. Only take what has been prescribed by your doctor.

If you have chronic bronchitis it is important to note that your doctor has prescribed medication for a reason. You should not deviate.  Colds can attack at any time and like a prize fighter who is always in shape you need to have your lungs and bronchial tubes ready as well. This may seem melodramatic, but if you are supposed to take an anti inflammatory such as Singular and a puffer such as symbicort to assist your body in dealing with a cold then do it. The consequences of not following doctors orders are prolonged coughing and maybe even visits to the hospital.

Manage the Symptoms Immediately

Bronchitis and Colds and sometimes asthma as well can start over night, so be prepared at all times to deal immediately with the symptoms. Waiting even 24 hours can make a huge difference. I should mention that this is not based on any scientific fact. Instead it is based on experience in dealing with colds and having chronic bronchitis.

We are interested in hearing from other readers who have bronchitis and caught a cold. What happened, what triggered your bronchitis and what did you do to fight the attack? What do you do to deal with chronic bronchitis on a long term basis?  Any suggestions on how to deal with allergies, bronchitis, asthma are welcome. Any questions that you have as well are welcome and we will try to find some answers that make sense. Well written comments are welcome and we will even approve a comment with a link if it is well written and helpful to our readers.

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  1. This is a really great article about getting bronchitis when you have a cold. I personally had this happen to me and it was awful. coughed for 3 months

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