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Fitness for Older Adults

Fitness for Older AdultsWe are staying at a resort and have an amazing fitness story to tell. This particular resort caters to all ages of people. One couple has caught our attention because they are in their late 80’s. They swim almost a kilometer in the pool 5 days out of 7! We have been urging people on this website to just get started. Go for a walk around the block every day and build up from there. Just get moving and increase that movement every day to get in shape , to lose weight over the long term and to improve your overall health.

This couple is an example of fitness for older adults. Many people also rent bicycles and ride every day. Once you get started and get over the sore muscle part of the adaptation, you will begin to look forward to every day getting outside and going for a walk, biking, swimming or whatever your preference is. Here is how they got started and why we wanted to write about fitness for adults today.

Fitness for Older Adults Training should start Slow

They did not begin swimming until their mid 70’s and they taught themselves to do the crawl at the age of 74. They started by swimming one length of the pool. This was all that they could manage and over time have built up from there. They believe inĀ  fitness for older adults and try to swim almost every day. They do not swim fast, but they keep moving and they do not stop to catch their breath. We found that this was a really amazing story. They also walk a lot, in addition to their swimming. This is part of their fitness regime for the older adult. They are really the poster shot for older adults who want to strengthen their cardio systems.

They get out and go for a walk together every day for several miles, hold hands and enjoy life. If you were to look at them you might think that they were not in particularly good shape. They are both slightly overweight, however they have excellent respiratory capacity and they have a lot of energy for people who are in their late 80’s. They are not stuck in the lazy boy chair and can walk up stairs easily. We want to be like them when we get older.

People in Their 50’s Cannot Keep Up

At the pool were we swim, there are many lounge chairs around the pool with tables and chairs as well. It is an outdoor pool in a sunny warm climate of course, so it is very easy to swim every day. Many of these chairs are filled with 50 year old’s and up. Sadly they spend their days laying on these chairs sun tanning and not moving at all except to get into the pool once and awhile to cool off.

They watch this couple swim back and forth in the pool, admire them even and comment about how their swimming technique is. Most of these people will not make it into their 80’s with their current track record for exercise. They need to change their ways , get moving and lose a few pounds.

We swim in the pool and following this 85 year old couple’s approach are also swimming almost a kilometer as well. You feel great when you get out of the water. we started the same way although we were able to do more laps at the beginning and just built up after that by swimming a little bit more every day.

This is the best way to get started. Just begin with a short walk or in this case a swim and build up as you become comfortable with the level of exercise. If you have motivational stories such as this, please leave us a comment. Our readers and I will enjoy hearing about these fitness stories for older adults. For more information about fitness and lifestyle, click here.


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  1. we are older and have seen both sides, were older adults lead a lazy life and those who exercise everyday. The people who are still active are leading a much better life style and also feel better about themselves. If you want to live long, then exercise every day. Go for a walk, swim or whatever you can do, but get moving.

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