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Another Week of Market Volatility for investors

Market VolatilityWell it looks like another week of the markets going up and down. Nervous are investors trying to figure out what to do with their portfolios. Market volatility makes everyone nervous. As of writing this post, indications are that the stock futures are pointing up, but as we all know, it really means nothing with the current debt crisis in Europe. Until the European countries get their collective act together we are going to see a lot more of this.

What are investors supposed to do in this climate? Well if you are invested in quality stocks and bonds, most experts will tell you to stay put. Certainly that is what my adviser is suggesting at the moment. On the other hand if you are invested in speculative stocks and mutual funds, it might already be too late to get out. You will be selling at a loss and trying to time the market is next to impossible. If your stocks are paying good dividends, at least you will be collecting income while you are waiting to see which way the markets are going to go.

Market Volatility

And then there are the provincial elections in Ontario next week. The liberals and conservatives neck are neck in the polls. It is hard to believe that the liberals would even have a chance at winning with all of the taxes and outright lies the have told over the past 8 years. But here we are again, probably setting the liberals up to govern us again for another 4 years. Don’t forget that the smart meter tax and the carbon tax for Ontario are looming. It is just a matter of time before they are added to our already huge debt load in terms of taxes. When will the population in Ontario stand up and say “enough”?

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