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Barbecue restaurants – the Shed

The shed barbequeOne of the things we like to do on this particular blog is to write about unique experiences and interesting topics. This particular post will be about a barbecue restaurant that we discovered in Biloxi Mississippi, actually just outside of Biloxi. This restaurant is actually a barbecue restaurant located on route 57 just north of interstate 10. It is a barbecue restaurant, called the Shed! This restaurant is actually very rustic and pieced together from corrugated tin, wooden posts and a collection of knickknacks from various locations around the state. It is situated beside the bayou. In the summertime people can eat outside on the bayou. As a result it is a very unique place to visit.

The Shed Barbeque Restaurant

It is known worldwide for the barbecue ribs, pulled pork and a variety of other meats that are absolutely excellent. We went for lunch and had a two meat combo with sweet taters and coleslaw. The ribs were excellent with the meat falling off the bone. The pulled pork tasted great as well. During the day they play blues music. In the evening they play live music with a number of different entertainers that come in.

The Shed Blues JointThere’s a campsite nearby and also an RV park. This would be a great place to spend an evening listening to blues music and having a fantastic meal. The interior of the Shed Barbeque restaurant is just like the outside. Very rustic and down to earth literally. Patrons can sit at the bar and enjoy a few beers along with their meal. They can head over to the dining area which are picnic tables on a gravel floor. This is as basic as it gets. The atmosphere is extremely interesting and enjoyable. We have talked to other patrons who tell us that they go to the Shed every time they are in the area. The combination of food and eclectic decoration is wonderful.

The Shed Dining In case you are wondering this is not an advertisement written by the restaurant staff. Although it might sound like it. We really like the food . We really enjoy going to this particular restaurant every time we are in Mississippi along the golf coast.

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