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Baby Boomer Health Care Solutions

Senior Health Care SolutionsWhat are the baby boomer health care solutions that are practical and sensible? There is lots of discussion and debate about Obama health care, how much it will cost and who should have it. But what can each person do to ensure that there retired years are as healthy as possible? They want to have a quality lifestyle during the years after completing their career? We do not know the answer for everyone, but there are some things that can be followed by each individual. It really means taking personal responsibility for your own health, to look after yourself and to follow through on health issues when there is something serious to deal with.  Sine diet is a major part of our health we are starting a series of posts about this subject and we hope that baby boomers and seniors find this helpful.

Baby Boomer Health Care Solutions – What You can Do

The following is a general list of solutions for people of all ages. Obviously they should be tailored to your age and ability. More on that a little bit later.

  • Exercise
  • Stay active
  • Manage your diet
  • Maintain proper weight for your body
  • Active social life
  • Keep up with friends
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Stimulate the brain as well as the body

Basically it is all about maintaining a healthy body and a health brain. Sometimes serious health issues get in the way, but there is lots you can do regardless of your health. Take exercise for example.

Exercise – maybe you cannot run around the block any longer. Can you walk around the block, can you walk in the mall if it is too cold in the winter? Can you use a walker to go up and down the hall a bunch of times. Whatever your capability is, keep on exercising to strengthen the heart and the lungs as well as your muscles. These are the most important muscles in your body next to your brain.

Apply the same general approach to the other items in our list to ensure that you can continue to live a high quality of life in your retirement. For more posts on health care solutions, click here.


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