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How to Take a 4 Month Vacation

How to Take a 4 Month VacationMost people who are going vacation and only have a couple of weeks to be away from work. They want to maximize time that they have while on vacation and as a result they’re paying great deal for hotels and airfare and meals. But there are other ways to go on vacation and have your cost kept to a minimum while still enjoying all of the things that there are to enjoy in other countries. If you are wondering how to take a 4 month vacation, read on. We have some great ideas for you to consider. Developing a plan to take a 4 month vacation is very important as well.

How to Take a 4 Month Vacation – Rent  vs. Hotels

The first step is to rent a condo, apartment, or house where you can make some or all of your own meals. This is a far less expensive way to go on vacation than if you are in a hotel and eating out for each meal. When we do this sort of thing, we might eat out a couple of times a week or take in a happy hour with the rest of our meals eaten in our rented condo. Another way to save some money is to take in happy hours and street kiosks. You may not always want to do this, but it is a nice variation.

One of the neat things about renting a condo for a fraction of the cost it would be to stay in a hotel or motel is that you can then afford to spend more time on your vacation. Personally I would rather take this time away then have a few expensive meals and stay in a hotel. We are able to travel much more when we conserve money in this manner and many of our friends wonder how we can afford to travel the way we do.

Camping and Hostels

Of course some people will never eat out and might even camp or stay in hostels, which is another approach to traveling cheaply. Of course you can travel for longer periods of time when you travel in this manner. For other folks a middle of the road approach allows them to enjoy some luxury and some roughing it as well.

Looking for deals and grabbing them when they become available is really being an opportunist and saving money. As long as the place you are staying in is clean and safe, every dollar you save is another dollar you can spend somewhere else on your travels. taking advantage of spontaneous trips and deals adds spice to your life vs. the rigid approach of being on a bus and in specific hotels every night.

The Skeptics are Stuck at Home

There will be many skeptics and mainly those that are stuck at home, afraid to travel or unwilling to stretch their money so they can get away and travel. They may not even be able to fathom how you can travel the way that you do, because unless you have been there and done it, they just refuse to accept it. Secretly they are envious and wish they were with you but just cannot bring themselves to follow in your foot steps. Try to take a 4 month vacation every year, watch your spending and enjoy life.

Take a 4 Month Vacation – Be Flexible

For example one friend of ours will only travel by car if he has reservations made for his entire trip. He needs to know exactly where he will be each night and how much he is paying along with what restaurants there are to choose from. We on the other hand, only decide where we are staying that evening when we pull into a motel or hotel. Sometimes we have been caught with a less than desirable location with few restaurants to choose from, but that just adds to the excitement of the journey.

We also do not take unnecessary chances or go to dangerous places. Sure we go to places that might be uncomfortable sometimes and only stay for one night. This happens by chance rather than by choice and we try to avoid them whenever possible. Common sense goes a long way: Don’t flaunt expensive electronics or jewelry; learn a few phrases of the local language; be polite and cautious with strangers; don’t wander the streets drunk late at night. Odds are you’ll be in no more danger than a similar situation in your hometown.

Work While You Travel

Some folks work while they travel and this also covers some of the cost of travel. If you can write a story about where you are and make some money from it, so much the better. If you can work on a contract while traveling with your computer and smart phone, why not. As long as it is only a few hours a day or week and does not interfere with your travel enjoyment, you have the best of both worlds.

You only live once so why not enjoy yourself and stretch your dollars as far as possible rather than spend a lot of money on expensive hotels and meals, which limits the amount of time you can be on the road.


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