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What is Age Appropriate Exercise

What is Age Appropriate ExerciseWhat is age-appropriate exercise? It is really any exercise that does not put your body into a stress condition in terms of heart and lung capacity, does not cause more aches and pains than you can handle, and certainly does not cause injury. You have to know your body. Different people can tolerate various levels of exercise based on past levels of exercise, their general health, and their weight. As we get older we also cannot do all of the things that we used to do. We might not be able to bench press as much weight, run as far, or swim as far. The point is that everyone should exercise and push themselves a little more each day without causing undue stress to their bodies.

What is Age-Appropriate Exercise

Take for example someone who has been a couch potato all of their life and suddenly decides that they are going to begin exercising. If they approach this challenge to aggressively, they could hurt themselves and they will get discouraged, leading to quitting before they even get started. Admittedly this is an extreme example, but this person should start out by walking a short distance every day and gradually build up the distance and the speed. After a few months, they may want to consider adding weights or cycling etc.

Someone like the writer who has exercised all of their lives, you begin to realize that you just cannot do all of the things you used to do. This does not mean you should stop exercising.  Rather it means that you should again do what feels comfortable. Someone with bad knees for example may not be able to walk, but they can cycle, etc. they can also lift weights and do other exercises that lead to burning calories and maintaining muscle mass.

Each person must find the right mix and the right level of intensity that allows them to stay fit, burn some calories, and maintain their overall health. Get started today with your own personalized exercise health plan.

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